Our History


Enterprise Ledger - July 26, 1998 - photoCutts Restaurant started out as Cutts Grocery back in March of 1967, in Level Plains, AL. Hubert and Pearlie Bell Cutts, with their children Larry and Lou Ellen, bought a full line country store with a meat market, gas pumps, groceries, and even a barber shop. There weren’t many place to eat so Larry and Pearlie Bell invented the now famous Cutts Chili Dog, thus beginning Cutts Restaurant.

In 1971, the family sold the grocery store in Level Plains and Larry and Ellen decided to build some poultry houses. Hubert and Pearlie Bell opened Cutts Snack Bar in Enterprise in 1972. It was an immediate hit. We expanded the menu to include all sorts of short order sandwiches and side orders. Of course, we still had the famous Cutts Chili Dog. As time went on, Hubert and Pearlie decided to retire.

In 1979, Larry and Ellen decided to add a large dining room and open a buffet for lunch. It was a hit!! The buffet featured country cooking – four meats, 14 vegetables and a lot of desserts, (psst…they still have the Cutts famous Chili Dog and short orders!!) The new dining room seats 160 and they do love to come and enjoy home cooked meals and the family atmosphere.

In 1992, due to his health, Larry decided to retire. His son Rick, with wife Liane, bought the restaurant. The parking lot was expanded, new equipment purchased and a catering service was launched to reach more people. Many changes have helped evolve the local landmark, but Ellen still oversees the kitchen (the secret to those wonderful home-cooked meals)! Rick ran the day to day operations of the restaurant. And we have a fabulous group of employees to thank for our success.

In 2022, Ashton Cutts took over management of the restaurant, the FOURTH generation of Cutts entered the legacy of the local landmark Cutts Restaurant.

Cousins, aunts, brothers and friends have worked with family over the years at Cutts Restaurant & continue to be the mainstay of our success. We know Granny, Pa, Onyx & Larry must be proud of the legacy they are responsible for creating.

God Bless Ya’II and we do hope you’ll come back!