Cutts Restaurant - Traditional Southern Cooking
Cutts Restaurant - Traditional Southern Cooking

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Cutts Restaurant listed in 10 Alabama Restaurants With Homestyle Cooking You’re Guaranteed To Love

Homestyle 9.9 700x525Since 1937, Cutts Restaurant has been serving up some of the most delicious homestyle dishes. This cafeteria-style restaurant is a local favorite that offers customers a variety of Southern fare, including Pulled Pork, Hamburger Steak, Fresh Vegetables, Brunswick Stew and so much more. The portions of these dishes are huge. However, the prices aren't. They're very reasonable. At Cutts, you'll feel like family the moment you step through the door. Southern hospitality at its finest! Location: 417 E Lee St, Enterprise, AL 36330

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Sweet Tea and fried cornbread


Have you ever read one of those fancy-smancy food critic's articles critiquing a restaurant?  I read those and sometimes can't even pronounce some of the food they are talking about mush less think about eating it.

Well, I have a system that is better than any of theirs.  There is one quick way for me to tell if a restaurant is good or not.

Taste the sweet tea.

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Alabama Magazine Featured Article - Cutts Restaurant

Alabama Magazine Featured Article on Cutts Restaurant

Cutts -A family tradition of Excellence

Enterprise Ledger - July 26, 1998

Enterprise Ledger July 26 1998 photo thumb
Enterprise Ledger July 26 1998 photo thumb

Cutts Restaurant started out as Cutts Grocery back in March 1967, in Level Plains (pictured above). Hubert and Pearlie Bell Cutts, with their children, Larry and Lou Ellen, bought a full line country store with meat market, gas pumps, groceries and even a barber shop, There weren't many places to eat so the Cutts invented the now famous Cutts Chili Dog, thus beginning Cutts Restaurant.

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